The feasibility study responds to a request from Údarás Na Gaeltachta to design a series of buildings for cultural, tourism and enterprise uses in Clochán, Co. Kerry.

The architectural response is based on providing adaptable spaces while maintaining distinct character and identity. The layout proposes three single storey buildings around a generous landscaped central courtyard. Each building is simple in plan and the relative narrow width is conceived to maintain simple structural requirements.

The roof is the unifying element of the composition: constituted of modular timber sections, simply arranged in alternating directions, the form is reminiscent of the mountain ridges and provides for a ‘reasonable complexity’ that is appropriate to cultural and tourism-oriented buildings.


The height of the roof is determined by the requirement and objective to maintain long views of the surrounding mountain ridges and peaks, particularly Mount Brandon, from the courtyard and buildings.

Building 1 is the main tourism and cultural building and it contains a cultural spaces, a room for classes and lectures, an exhibition space, a cafeteria and a small administration area; Building 2 contains the enterprise units, accessed from the courtyard but with service access from the car parking area; Building 3 is a workshop and retail unit to support outdoor tourism activities.